U09137D13 Ridgeway Cap

U09137D13 Ridgeway Cap

This is an example of the Ridgeway cap used by the U. S. Army during the 1950’s and early 60’s

The Ridgeway cap was (in my opinion) not the most durable design ever used by the U.S. military. To maintain them in good condition requires effort. Needless to say, most of the surviving examples leave much to be desired from a collectabillity standpoint.

This example is made from olive green sateen cloth. It still holds its shape rather well with only some relative minor "dents" to the side.

It has a wire stiffener sewn into the crown encased in brown oil cloth to prevent rust (I assume), however there is still rust damage to the cap. The top of the cap is still drum tight, however. There are 2 brown painted grommets on each side of the cap for ventilation.

The cap has some soiling and grease marks.

The remains of a label printed on cloth is sewn into the sweat band at the front of the cap.



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