U09151/2 - AWS Observer Armband

U09151/2 - AWS Observer Armband

This armband was worn by members of the Aircraft Warning Service in WWII.  These folks were primarily women who watched the skies on our east and west coasts during WWII.

It is 17 1/2" long and 4" wide with the AWS wings machine embroidered in white, ultramarine and golden orange on ultramarine felt. "Observer" is machine embroidered in golden orange below the wings.

It is mint except for a pinhead size moth nip above one wing.

I found this armband last fall in a little out of the way antique shop in New Hampshire.

Reference: "Dressed for Duty, America's Women in Uniform, 1898 - 1973, Volume I" by Jill Halcomb Smith.

$20.00 Price:


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