U1061-1 WWII U.S. Army Khaki Visor with Plastic insignia

U1061-1 WWII U.S. Army Khaki Visor with Plastic insignia

Wartime U.S. Army summer weight visor cap as worn by enlisted men and NCO’s.

This example is the textbook wartime economy version.

The top of the cap is khaki cotton twill. The russet brown chin strap is made of oilcloth instead of leather. It is attached with split pin buttons instead of screw posts. The sweatband is very thin light brown leather with an off white silk bow at the back. The visor is some sort of fiber material (cardboard) covered with russet brown oilcloth on top and green oilcloth on the bottom. I'm not sure if this cap was made without a cap spring, or if it has been removed to give it a jauntier look, but it does not have a cap spring. It does, however, have a vertical stiffener behind the eagle that gives it a very high peak. The EM eagle is a one piece plastic version with a metallic coating which is original to the cap. The brass screw post is molded into the plastic.

The maker's label was on the sweat shield, but this has long ago disintegrated. There is a size 6 7/8 paper tag sewn into the sweat shield stitching.

The cap appears to be unissued and exhibits only very minor age. Other than the missing sweat shield and cap spring, its only problem is a few minor spots on the khaki cover.

$40.00 Price:


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