U5051.5 USAAF Gloves, WWII Type A9 or A9A

U5051.5 USAAF Gloves, WWII Type A9 or A9A

Nice pair of WWII USAAF sheepskin gloves, probably used for gunners on a bomber.

These are long gauntlet type gloves with a trigger finger on both hands. They are in used condition. Although the interior tags are no longer legible, there is a "Large" size tag on the cuff of each glove. They have a few minor dings and scuffs to the leather, but no holes. The leather is supple without breaks or cracks.

The difference between A9's and A9A's is the outer leather. A9's are pigskin and can date back as far as 1934; A9a's can be horse hide, goatskin or deerskin and were used from 1944. I think these are goatskin, but I'm not positive.

Reference: Doughboy to GI, US Army Clothing and Equipment 1900-1945" by Kenneth Lewis, page 106.



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