U5102D2 WWII Era U.S. Army Officer's Overseas Cap

U5102D2 WWII Era U.S. Army Officer's Overseas Cap

Fine officer’s overseas cap with Lieutenant’s bar.

This overseas cap is made of dark olive drab whipcord material. It has a genuine leather sweat band that shows negligible wear and sweat staining. The piping is black with gold metal flecks which have tarnished with age. The lining is a forest green silky material which does not extend to the very top fold of the cap. This was commonly done to save on material and to speed production.

The cap has a gold colored second lieutenant's bar correctly pinned to the left side of the turn up. It is marked "A.E.CO. / Utica, N.Y." (American Emblem Co.) and has a safety catch.

There are no maker's marks or tags. There is, however a plain white cotton laundry tag with the number 60781 printed on it. The laundry tag is affixed with two metal staple-like devices.

This is a very nice example of a WWII era officer's overseas cap.



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