U5121D3(AW) 474th Inf Rgt / 74th Regimental Combat Team

U5121D3(AW) 474th Inf Rgt / 74th Regimental Combat Team

The Regimental Combat Team (RCT) was a post WWII / Korean War era development. An RCT consisted of an infantry regiment, an artillery battalion and an engineer company.  The RCT took the number designation of the infantry regiment.  The colors of the patch reflected the branch colors of the infantry, artillery and engineers. RCT patches are uncommon to rare.

This patch was used by both the 474th Infantry regiment in WWII and the 74th RCT in the 1950's. It depicts elements of the units from which the 474th IR was formed: Arrow = 1st Special Service Force; black scroll, = rangers; viking ship = 99th Inf Bn.

This patch is fully embroidered with a cut edge. It is in mint condition.

Reference: "Sleeve Shoulder Insignia of the U.S. Army 1946-1989" by Richard W. Smith, plate 13.

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