U6031t50 - WWII USAAF Officer's TW Crush Cap

U6031t50 - WWII USAAF Officer's TW Crush Cap

If this one could talk, it might have some very interesting stories to tell. It is the real deal, a true U.S. Army Air Force officer’s crush cap, as worn principally by pilots during WWII.  This example has the jaunty look of a cap worn by one of the guys who flew the Hump over the Himalayas between India and China.  The name comes from the fact that it is manufactured with a flexible visor and frame so it can be be worn with head phones in place or rolled up and put in a back pocket while a flight helmet is worn.

This cap well used cap has an excellent good look and feel to it. It is a WWII officer's visor cap in tropical worsted wool (TW). The floppy visor is formed from a single thickness of russet brown leather with a second piece of thin leather trim on sewn to the edge. The cap frame is flexible also, unlike the stiff frames in standard caps. The chin strap is a higher gloss variety and may be either a wartime or postwar replacement. It is held in place by a pair of gilt split pin "buttons" embossed with the American eagle. The brown leather sweatband shows modest use and has the normal brown silk bow at the back. It has several rows ventilation holes along most of its length and is embossed "Air Flow / Reg. U. S. Off." in front. There is a size 7 1/8 label under the sweat band. The cap spring has been removed to give it the jaunty 50 mission crush look. The top has a full vinyl type plastic sweat shield, but it has turned brown with age and has torn, better revealing the information below. The maker information is printed on the gold silk lining beneath this sweat shield. It was made by (or sold by) "L. Allen & Sons / O'Fallon, ILL". O'Fallon is only a few miles from Scott AFB which was Scott Field during WWII. This was a major training facility for the USAAF during WWII. The officer who was the original owner may have trained at Scott and bought this cap there or he may have been stationed there.

There are two ventilation grommets on each side of the cap above the braided officer's band.

Overall, this cap is in very collectable condition, but it does have some faults. Khaki tropical worsted wool is a favorite delicacy for moths and carpet beetles. Unfortunately, they found this one. The body of the cap has some significant moth damage. There are also a few minor rust spots and what may be bleach spots to the top. I've seen much worse!

The officer's eagle, is marked "Acid Test" and is the so called victory pattern because of the V shape of the eagle's wings. The reverse side is solid back and thus exhibits few details (as opposed to a thin stamping which has a full mirror image of the front). The screw post has a square shoulder which means it was originally intended to be used on an enlisted man's screw back collar disc. It is held in place with a large (1/2" diameter) high quality screw piece.

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