U6057 WWII U.S. Navy Sheath Knife, Mk 1, Camillus

U6057 WWII U.S. Navy Sheath Knife, Mk 1, Camillus

This is a nice WWII USN MK 1 sheath knife, in excellent used condition.

This is a WWII U. S. Navy Mark 1 as produced by Camillus with its original leather sheath. It is in overall excellent condition.

This version has a black plastic butt held in place with a threaded nut that screws onto the tang. The nut is recessed into the butt, and is designed to be used with a spanner wrench. The blued blade is marked "U.S.N." on one side and "CAMILLUS / N.Y." on the other side. The handle is composed of leather washers with no plastic spacers. The washers are in excellent condition, but are dark. Bluing on the blade is about 10%. The blade has a few tiny corrosion pits and has been sharpened.

The sheath is made of natural color leather. It is both sewn and riveted. The sheath shows moderate wear. The snap works fine.

Reference: "U. S. Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes, Book III" by M. H. Cole, pages 74 -81.

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