U6088D8 WWII Era Gym Bag

U6088D8 WWII Era Gym Bag

This is an unusual piece of WWII memorabilia. It is like a Gym Bag of the 1960’s or 70’s, but a little smaller, and with a button top. I’m certain this would have been a PX purchase or similar.

There is no date or maker marks on this item, but its construction screams "WWII". It is made of heavy khaki cotton cloth with brown oilcloth piping. The top closure has three brown WWII US Army style buttons. The handles are made of the same cloth as the body. The front is VERY neatly lettered "Edmond H. Cary / 37606077" in ink. I wish I could do as well. I've not tried to research Mr. Cary, so you never know what you might find.

It shows light soil, and wear to the oil cloth piping, but no wear to the khaki cloth, including the handles and the bottom.



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