U7041-1 WWII Home Front Cheesebox

U7041-1 WWII Home Front Cheesebox

Wax impregnated cheesebox with Victory emblem on top.

This is a neat package for home front collectors. It is 5" diameter by about 4 " tall and is mad of wax coated paper. The top has a V for victory with an eagle similar to a colonel's eagle. Around the outside is printed "Sealed Right . Keep Right / Our Wartime Package." The printing is brown. Part of the original wax paper inner packaging is still present.

When I found this at a local flea market, it was full of sea shells, and there are still tiny chips of shells remaining between the wax paper lining and the outer box.

The box shows overall age, but it is a miracle that it survived in ANY condition.

$10.00 Price:


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