U7111-1 - WWII U. S. Army Officer's Visor, Named

U7111-1 - WWII U. S. Army Officer's Visor, Named

WWII U. S. Army officer’s visor cap in tropical worsted (TW).

The spring has been removed from this cap to give it a jaunty look, like a true crush cap. The cap top is khaki tropical worsted wool (TW). The cap band is the standard officer's braided band, also in khaki. Affixed to the front of the cap is a so called victory eagle. I see no unmark on the eagle. It is called the victory eagle because of its V shape. This pattern is typical of WWII eagles. The patent leather chin strap is held in place with 2 split pin buttons. The stiff leather visor and the sweat band are in excellent condition. "C. S. Weaks" is inked on the frame, under the swat band, on the wearer's right side. The cap retains a size 7 1/4 sticker on the sweat band and a maker's label for Anchor Cap and Textile, Los Angeles.

The bad news is that moths and carpet beetles like TW! The TW top has a multitude of small holes. However, the cap still displays nicely and is priced accordingly.

$50.00 Price:


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