U7163D4 - WWII Army of Occupation with partial box

U7163D4 - WWII Army of Occupation with partial box

This medal was authorized in 1946 for all army personnel who served in Germany or Japan between 1945 and 1955.  It was also for service in Italy, Korea, the Berlin airlift and Austria under varying dates.

The ribbon has wide central red and black stripes with white edges. This is a nice example with light age. The planchet which shows a German bridge on the front and Japan's Mount Fuji on the back, is in near mint condition. It has a crimp brooch which is unmarked. This helps to date the medal.

The bottom half of the blue issue box is present, as well as the blue flocced cardboard insert. The box bottom and the insert show minor wear. The box is the style used during the war and in the immediate post war period.

I bought this medal at a flea market in Southern Illinois.

Reference: "The Call of Duty, Military Awards and Decorations of the United States of America", by John E. Strandberg and Roger James Bender, page 208.

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