U8299t1 WWII USN Sheath Knife MK 1, PAL RH-35

U8299t1 WWII USN Sheath Knife MK 1, PAL RH-35

This is a nice WWII USN MK 1 sheath knife, in excellent used condition.

This is a WWII U. S. Navy Mark 1 as produced by The PAL Blade Co. with its battleship gray plastic sheath. It is in overall excellent condition.

This version has a pinned cast aluminum pommel. The Parkerized blade is marked "U.S.N. / MARK 1" on one side and "PAL RH-35 / Made in USA" on the other side. The handle is composed of leather washers with red, white, and black spacers at the top and bottom. The washers are intact, but do show some movement. Parkerizing on the blade is about 40%. The blade has a few small corrosion pits and has been sharpened.

The sheath is the standard gray fiberglass reinforced plastic with a gray web belt strap and gray web retaining strap. It is marked "U.S.N. / MK 1" on the front and 'NORD-8114 / B.M. Co." with a "VP" trademark on the reverse side. The plastic part of the sheath shows light wear. There is wear to the top of the belt loop and some overall soiling to the webbing. The snap works fine.

Reference: "U. S. Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes, Book III" by M. H. Cole, pages 74 -81.



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