UKD89.7 U.S. Army Temporary Corporal's Armband

UKD89.7 U.S. Army Temporary Corporal's Armband

This WWII / Korean War era armband was awarded to recruits who were temporarily selected to act as corporals (until they committed someĀ major infraction like havingĀ a finger print where the DI didn’t think it should be.)

It is constructed of dark blue wool with a corporal's stripe sewn on. Overall dimensions are 4" wide x about 20" long. The corporal's stripe is the type normally worn on the dress blue uniform. It consists of 2 yellow chevrons machine embroidered on a blue cotton backing. It is manufactured with a cut edge.

The armband has 3 female snaps on one end and 3 rows of 3 male snaps on the other end. The row used for the smallest size is missing the top and bottom snaps. The snaps are marked "Rau / Klikit" and are made of blackened brass.

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