UQ49G76 9th Army, WWII

UQ49G76 9th Army, WWII

The 9th army fought in NW Europe during WWII and was deactivated after WWII.

The basic nine sided patch shape represents the army's numerical designation. The stylized 4 leaf clover shows the ninth was formed from parts of the fourth army.

This example is in excellent condition with minor storage age only. The ninth army was activated in 1944, so this patch dates from 1944 or later. In my opinion, as a general rule, later war patches exhibit less white snow on the reverse side than patches produced earlier in the war. This example shows more snow than the average ninth army patch.

1. "Sleeve Shoulder Insignia of the U.S. Armed Forces 1941-1942" by Smith and Pelz, plate 1.
2. "Sleeve Shoulder Insignia of the U.S. Army 1946-1989" by Richard W. Smith, plate 1.

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