US02083D2 - M1936 Pistol Belt, Late WWII

US02083D2 - M1936 Pistol Belt, Late WWII

M1936 olive green pistol belt, late WWII vintage.

This belt is manufactured of horizontally woven olive green cotton web with an alloy webbed T-closure. It has 2 ribbed keepers and a magazine pocket snap. Only the male end is adjustable. The hardware retains overall, about 40-50% of its black paint.

Based on my experience, this type of belt was produced late in WWII (1945) and again starting in the Korean war period. The Korean war and later belts have several lines of printing, including contract numbers, etc. WWII belts have one line of printing which tends to be faint, above a year of manufacture. The Korean and later belts tend to retain at least traces of multiple rows of printing. This belt has no traces of printing, which supports WWII origin.

The belt is in excellent condition, but shows a few specs of white where the green is slightly worn.

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