U05099t1 - U. S. Air Force Officer's Visor

U05099t1 - U. S. Air Force Officer's Visor

This is a dress visor cap for a USAF Major or Lt. Colonelmade by the prestgeous Flight Ace Company. It is in near mint condition.

I see no dates on the hat, but verbage under the sweat shield refers to USAF certificate NV-8-1-69, so it is probably from the Vietnam war era. The officer's eagle, which is original to the hat, is a beautiful antiqued example simply marked "Evans". The marking on the eagle also supports a Vietnam period hat. The cloth covered visor has a single row of bullion embroidered clouds and lightning bolts indicating a Major or Lt. Colonel. The chin strap is silver braid held in place with antiqued silver coloredd screwback buttons. The brown leather sweatband shows very little use and has a brown silk bow at the back. It has a size 7 1/8 label and a gold printed Flight Ace Logo on the sweat band. The cap spring is the large diameter braided plastic type. The top of the interior is covered in vinyl plastic and has a pocket for the owner's name. Some of the stitching for this pocket has come loose. Under the sweat shield is a large printed Flight Ace logo, as well as some other verbage. The cap frame is the ventillated cane type. There are two ventillation grommets on each side of the cap. The Air Force blue serge top has no wear or mothing. The original owner penned his name on the sweat band in two places.



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