U06055.5 - U. S. Army Field Grade Officer's Visor Cap

U06055.5 - U. S. Army Field Grade Officer's Visor Cap

This senior infantry officer’s visor hat for the blue dress uniform is in excellent condition. It is named to a Colonel.

I see no dates on the hat, but I suspect it is from the late 50's or 1960's, Vietnam War era at the latest. The officer's eagle, which is original to the hat, is a beautiful frosted example with no maker's mark. It is held in place with a zinc nut, similar to a WWII USMC nut used on collar insignias. The unmarked eagle is part of what dates the hat. The cloth covered visor has embroidered thread oak leaves indicating a Major through Colonel. The chin strap, as well as the braid at the top and bottom of the infantry blue band are nylon. The brown leather sweatband shows very little use and has a bow at the back. It has a size 7 1/8 label above the bow. The cap spring is bare metal. There is a large square sweat shield with a pocket for the owner's name in the black lined interior. There are 2 ventilation grommets on each side of the hat. The basic hat is made from a fine grade of whipcord wool with just a hint of moth tracking. There is one match head size hole near the edge that does not detract, but is difficult to see because of the black interior lining.



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