U06342/2 U.S. M-1 Helmet, Late Period (Grenada)

U06342/2 U.S. M-1 Helmet, Late Period (Grenada)

Standard U.S. Army M-1 helmet in its final form, as worn in Grenada.  Complete with all components being from the post Vietnam era.

The components of the helmet system are as follows:

Helmet shell - Swivel bail pot with lighter green finish and nylon/web chin strap with web chin cup. (Modified parachutist) I've not had the cover off, but I believe the paint to be near 100%, and I feel no dents.

Helmet Cover - Woodlands camo pattern with a few dings from honest field use. I don't see any marks on it.

Helmet Band - Olive green elastic with 2 reflective "cats eyes", one on either side of the rear seam.

Liner - Orange colored, fiberglass reinforced plastic with removable web harness. DSA100-74 on paper tag (1974).

Sweat band - Cotton webbing, olive green. DSA-100-76 (1976) Name "Sumner" written on sweat band in ball point pen.

Nape strap - olive green cotton webbing. Can't read markings.

Several other markings are present.

This helmet is in used, but sound condition. It has modest field wear, but no real problems.

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