U4093.2 USMC Women's Bell Crown Hat

U4093.2 USMC Women's Bell Crown Hat

This is an example of the distinctive bell crown hat worn by enlisted women of the United States Marine Corps. It is a post Vietnam War example from 1982.

The cap is made of forest green wool serge with a dark gray green synthetic lining. The sweat band is a black ribbed synthetic cloth material. The chin cords are in bright red in color and secured by stitching and by 2 brown plastic back buttons with the Marine Corps EGA (Eagle, Globe and Anchor) insignia molded in. The EGA on the front is the standard other ranks satin black pattern.

The owner's name "J. K. West" is stamped on the sweat band in white. The hat has a DLA100-82-C-0280 label stitched into the sweat band (1982). It was made by Sam Bonk Uniform Co. (No lie). It is a woman's size 23.

The hat is in mint- condition with only a hint of age. There is minor salt staining around the sweat band and a touch of corrosion to the backing plate of the EGA again caused by sweat.

Reference: "Dressed for Duty, America's Women in Uniform 1898 - 1973, Volume I" by Jill Halcomb Smith, pages 347 - 348.

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