U4202-2 Modern U. S. Army Officer's Army Green Visor Cap

U4202-2 Modern U. S. Army Officer's Army Green Visor Cap

This is a beautiful mint condition U. S. Army officer’s visor for the Army Green uniform.

I see no dates on the hat, but I suspect it is from the 1990's or later. The officer's eagle, which is original to the hat, is a beautiful frosted example marked "LIGI" on the reverse of the shield. It is held in place with a 5/8" diameter brass screw piece. The Army Green fur felt body is in mint condition. The chin strap is gold colored nylon secured with 2 gold screw back eagle buttons. The black leather visor is edged with black vinyl and shows no wear. Inside is a dark brown leather sweat band with very little use and a brown bow at the back. The sweat band is stamped 7 1/4 in silver. The cap spring is the large diameter white braided mesh plastic type. The sweat shield is translucent vinyl and covers the entire cap top. There is an empty pocket for the owner's name in the sweat shield. The shield has a crown and "Kingsform Cap / Deluxe / New York" printed on it in metallic blue. The interior is lined in gold silky material. There are 2 ventilation grommets on each side of the hat.



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