U7606D4 - USN Mk 3 Mod O Knife

U7606D4 - USN Mk 3 Mod O Knife

This is the standard knife used by the U. S. Navy seals, as well as some others, in used condition.

This knife has been used, but not abused. It has seen light sharpening, and the point isn't as pronounced as it once was. The black blade has become gray. Wear to the stainless steel butt and cross guard is limited to tiny surface dings and scratches from honest use, as is the hard rubber USN marked grips. The saw back blade is marked "MK 3 MOD O / USN" on the ricasso. The reverse is marked "2V376" on the ricasso.

The knife comes with its issue black plastic sheath. The sheath has a black nylon belt loop with snapped retaining strap. The original owner removed the pistol belt hook. The sheath is marked "MK 3 MOD O / USN" on the front. The internal blade retaining springs are in good shape.

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