U9?017-1 - Fallout Shelter Emergency Drinking Water

U9?017-1 - Fallout Shelter Emergency Drinking Water

Here we have the ultimate in beverages. This can of Emergency Drinking Water was produced for fallout shelters.

This is a steel can containing 9 fluid oz. of drinking water. It was canned by the Royal Crown Cola Co. in its Columbus, GA plant. There are no zip codes in either the RC address or the can manufacturer's address. Zip codes were first used in 1963 and became mandatory in 1967. Most businesses adopted the system prior to it becoming mandatory, so I would date this can from the 1950's or early 60's, the height of the cold war and fallout shelter craze.

Obviously, this can of water is no longer for human consumption.

It is in good condition, exhibiting light overall age, but nothing major.



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