UQ766Ds3 Military Air Transport Service

UQ766Ds3 Military Air Transport Service

This organization has the mission of providing air transport for any U.S. military operation, anywhere in the world at any time.  It has gone through several name changes through the years since WWII but this basic insignia has stayed constant, including on the USAF shield shaped patch for the Military Airlift Command.  Having said that, I’m not certain of the exact vintage of this insignia.

This 3" diameter patch has the arrow and 3 wings device on a likeness of the globe. It is machine embroidered on blue cotton twill with a cut edge. It has a white gauze backing. The white gauze backing glows in black light, so I believe the patch is from the mid 60's or newer.

It is in mint condition.

$5.00 Price:


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