UQQ4G-1 Specialist 4 (E-4), First Pattern Subdued

UQQ4G-1 Specialist 4 (E-4), First Pattern Subdued

This is a pair of Vietnam War period first pattern specialist 4 insignia in mint condition. They are machine embroidered in black thread on olive green poplin. The design is that of a United States National eagle with a black border. They are cut edge.

When the U. S. Army entered into combat in South Vietnam in the early 1960's, full color insignia was used. It quickly became obvious that these made excellent aiming points for the VC snipers. The troops first removed insignia, and then began to obtain locally made subdued insignia in black and brown on olive green. By 1966 or so, the army began to purchase subdued insignia manufactured in the U. S. for the troops in Vietnam.

Reference: Selected U.S. Army Insignia of the Vietnam War by James M. McDuff.

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