U03757D3 U. S. Model 1917-1918 Trench Knife

U03757D3 U. S. Model 1917-1918 Trench Knife

Some moron disassembled this rare knife, chrome plated it, reassembled it and threw away the scabbard.  Otherwise, it’s in great condition.  Therefore, I’m offering it as a space filler, and have priced it accordingly.

This is the version of the 1917-1918 trench knife made by Landers, Frary and Clark and is marked "U.S. / L.F. & C. / 1917" on the cross guard. There are 6 pyramid shaped knobs on the knuckle bow. The walnut handle is in perfect condition.

The chrome plating has lifted off about 1 1/2 " of the triangular blade tip.

Reference: "U. S. Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes, Book III" by M. H. Cole, pages 22 and 23.



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