U09151/1 U.S.Army WWI Condiment Can

U09151/1 U.S.Army WWI Condiment Can

Tin plated steel can to hold coffee, sugar and salt.

The can is 2 1/2" square by 6 1/2" overall. There is an internal bulkhead to divide the can into halves. Ribs around the can mark off each of 3 day's rations of sugar and coffee. Each end has a screw top. One of the screw tops has a pry off lid and an internal compartment for the salt ration.

It is in excellent condition with only a little of the rust normally found on these cans. The tin has faded to dull gray and there are two small dents, one in the can and one in a lid.

Reference: Doughboy to GI, US Army Clothing and Equipment 1900-1945" by Kenneth Lewis, page 214.

$30.00 Price:


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