U4404-1 U.S. Army WWI Holster for 45 Automatic

U4404-1 U.S. Army WWI Holster for 45 Automatic

This holster is for the 1911 Colt 45.

I obtained this holster from the estate of a WWI veteran of the Third Infantry Division near Farmington, Missouri. All items in the grouping were unquestionably WWI, so even though this holster is not dated, it is WWI.

It is the standard U.S. military design with a brass pistol belt hook on the back side. The US in an oval stamp appears on the flap, but is a little light. The reverse is stamped "P.C.C0 / J.D." just below the pistol belt hook.

The leather is in good flexible condition, but does have one fault. The lighter areas in the pictures are where a thin surface layer of the leather is missing. I'm not sure if it from insects, mold or what. Aside from this, the holster is in excellent plus condition for a WWI holster.



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