U4605D4 - WWI U. S. Army Ammo Belt, M1917

U4605D4 - WWI U. S. Army Ammo Belt, M1917

Ten pocket ammunition belt in excellent condition. The manufacturer is R. H. Long. Co, Framingham, Mass.

This belt has 10 flapped pockets for rifle ammunition clips. There are no internal straps in the pockets. Each pocket has a lift-the-dot fastener. It is manufactured in 3 parts: a right side consisting of 5 pockets, a left side also consisting of 5 pockets and a rear connecting strap. The flaps and rear connecting strap are khaki webbing; the pockets are made of khaki canvas. The rear connecting strap first goes through a buckle and the end which is provided with 2 wire hooks clips into 1 of 6 pairs of eyes. The selection of the pairs of eyelets adjusts the belt length. Al 3 pieces are stamped "Long 7-18". Near the point where the rear strap attaches to the right and left sides, the side is marked "right" of "left". All hardware is brass or bronze.

The belt is in excellent condition with little or no wear, however, it is lightly soiled.

Reference: "U.S. Martial Web Belts and Bandoliers: 1903-1981" by R. Stephen Dorsey.



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