U7201D2 Pouch for Pederson Device Magazines, WWI (Damaged)

U7201D2 Pouch for Pederson Device Magazines, WWI (Damaged)

The Pederson device was a device to convert the M-1903 Springfield to a Submachine gun.  It was carried in 2 pouches, one for the bolt and one for magazines.  This pouch is for the 5 magazines.

The pouch is made of Khaki webbing with a top that flips open sideways on a web hinge. The top is secured by a blackened brass lift-the-dot fastener and has a brass pistol belt hook on the back. It is stamped "R.I.A. / 7-19" under the top.

The pouch is in excellent condition except for one thing. The four cloth dividers for the five magazines have been removed. However, it still displays well.

$25.00 Price:


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