US02127/3 - WWI U. S. Army Canteen

US02127/3 - WWI U. S. Army Canteen

Standard issue U. S. military canteen, dated 1918.

This canteen is the standard issue canteen of U. S. military forces during WWI. It is made of aluminum and has a vertical seam where the front and back halves of the body were welded together. A threaded collar was then slipped over the neck and the neck crimped over the collar to hold it securely in place. A chain pinned to ears on the collar retains the aluminum cap. The cork is in place in the cap, but shows wear. The chain and the collar are of a higher nickel alloy as evidenced by a slight greenish tint. The canteen is stamped "U.S. / AGMCo. / 1918" on the reverse.

This is a well used, but sound example with several minor dents.

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