U09003-0 - Camp Pontanezen (REPRODUCTION)

U09003-0 - Camp Pontanezen (REPRODUCTION)

This is a reproduction of a WWI Camp Pontanezen patch.

Camp Pontanezen was the principle embarkation point for American Expeditionary Forces returning from Europe at the end of WWI. The design is not of a railroad track. It is a "duck board" which is a wooden device used to help troops cross mud.

The patch was made by Patch King, probably in the late 1940's or the early 1950's. It has a white machine embroidered duck board on red felt with a white gauze backing. There are a few moth nips to the felt as well as some fading.

I obtained this in an old collection of patches at a local flea market.

Reference: "Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the A. E. F. 1917 1919" by Morgan and Warren.

$5.00 Price:


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