M02QQ1 - Wreath and Cocade for East German Military Cap

M02QQ1 - Wreath and Cocade for East German Military Cap

I’m a little out of my element on this one, but here goes. This wreath was used on visor caps and some other forms of headgear worn by the East German (German Democratic Republic / DDR / Deutschen Demokratischen Republik) Army (NVA / National Volksarmee) as well as certain other military and paramilitary organizations.

The design of the wreath is very similar to that worn during WWII by the German army, but the red / white / black cocade is replaced by the East German National Emblem which is a hammer and compass surrounded by a wreath of rye.

The insignia is made in one piece. It is die struck in aluminum with clear red, black and yellow highlights to the national emblem. It is slightly vaulted and has two brass wire attachment prongs crimped in.

It is in mint condition. I obtained a few of these in a collection I purchased in 2002.

$8.00 Price:


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