M7057-2 East German Rifle Cleaning Kit

M7057-2 East German Rifle Cleaning Kit

I believe this to be an East German rifle cleaning kit complete  with all of its many parts.

The kit comes in a gray vinyl plastic pouch wth a chrome snap. The snap is marked SOL5. Inside we have 2 items: one looks like a dish rag (patches for cleaning) and a black painted flip top can. The top of the can is embossed "RG57 / 1".

Inside of the can we find:

An olive green painted oil can with a plastic cap
A putt through of white nylon with steel end pieces
A small bore brush for the pull through
A larger bore type brush in a pink sleeve for the pull through
A small dust brush with a wire handle
A blued steel punch
Another blued steel tool

This is one of the better made East German items I have inspected.

The entire kit appears to be unissued.

$15.00 Price:


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