Terms and Conditions


  1. PAYMENT: Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks are strongly preferred. Personal checks must clear before items will be sent.  Having sold a fair amount on ebay, I realize some folks absolutely insist on sending cash. If you elect to use this incredibaly risky method of payment, you do so at your own risk! Please, at least use registered mail.
  2. SHIPPING: Purchasor pays for all shipping and insurance. I use the US Postal Service almost exclusively. Contact me If you require other options. All items will be shipped insured for their full value.
  3. SIZES: I will be happy to tell you what size markings there are on an item, if any. However, I cannot guarantee sizes. Many items have shrunk, been altered or otherwise not what you would expect. The average soldier of WWII was significantly smaller than the average size we are today. If you want to wear it, and are over 5′-7″ and have more than a 30″ waist, expect to pay a premium for uniforms you can wear, if you can find them at all. Even today there are few 36″ waists in the military.
  4. I do my best to sell only authentic period pieces, or to label them as Reproductions in the descriptions. Although I’ve collected militaria this for over 20 years, I do occasionally slip up. In case you feel I have, see the section on returns. Returns must be shipped insured for the selling price and in the condition sold. Shipping and insurance costs are not refundable. I do not sell on approval and reserve the right to refuse to sell to persons who habitually return items.
  5. RETURNS: I grant a 7 day inspection period. No returns will be accepted unless piror arrangements have been made with me prior to shipping it back. All items must be in the same condition they were in when I sent them to you. Don’t clean it, polish it, put leather treatment on it, burn a corner, wash it, lose a part, dissassemble it, iron it, or even let your 12 year old nephew take it to show and tell and spill mayonese on it at lunch! All returns must be insured for the full purchase amount.
  6. EDGED WSEAPONS: I do not sell edged weapons to persons below the age of 18. If you order an edged weapon (Including, but not limited to: knife, dagger, sword, bayonet, machette, hatchet, axe, cleaver, scalpal, etc.) from me, you are certifying that you are 18 years old or older.
  7. I am not responsible for items seized for any reason, by the customs service or any other branch of any government. (As an ebay seller, I once I had a problem shipping a knife to a Canadian purchasor. As I recall, it took them something like 3 or 4 months to get their knife out of Canadian customs!) If your country imposes a duty, tax or tarriff on an item you purchase from me, it is your responsibility to pay it. Please do not ask me to declare an unrealistically low value on the customs declaration form.

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